Employing a Digital Marketing apprentice can lead to a wide array of benefits to a business; particularly to businesses that fall within the creative industry.

The process of employing an apprentice can be surprisingly simple, especially as CyberNexus Training are able to provide support for your business from day one. By taking this approach, we are with you every step of the way from the recruitment of you apprentice(s) right the way through to his/her completion of the course. Explore this article for more information on the recruitment process.

Growing your business

Digital Marketing is at the forefront of many business’s marketing efforts, and employing an apprentice specifically to focus on this field could prove to be hugely beneficial to your business.

Employing an apprentice helps businesses grow by developing a skilled and qualified workforce. Apprenticeships can be undertaken by anyone aged 16+ and are used to train both new and existing employees. Some businesses choose to take on new apprentices, growing the business by introducing new, energetic members of staff to the workforce, training them to meet the ethos and standards of the organisation.

Other employers choose to invest in their current workforce, growing from within by enhancing and developing the skill-set of the staff who are already involved within the organisation. By developing their existing team of staff, employers have the opportunity to improve standards whilst continuing to explore innovative new directions for the business, retaining their core workforce along the way.

In order to decipher which method is right for your company, outlined throughout our website are the many government incentives available with the aim of lowering the financial risks. Amongst these incentives is the opportunity to gain access to government funding. Take a look at the next page for a more detailed look at government funding.

100% Funding available

In April 2017 the system is changing. See our articles on The Apprenticeship Levy for further information.

However, there is currently 100% funding available for the training of apprentices between the ages of 16-18 and 50% funding for those between the ages of 19-23 with an expected employer contribution of up to 50% to cover the cost of Apprenticeship training, although this amount varies per apprenticeship programme

How to employ an apprentice

There are many different ways to go about employing an apprentice. As far as wages are concerned, the apprenticeship minimum wage is currently £3.70.  Please check www.gov.uk/national-minimum-wage-rates  for latest rates.

Employing an apprentice is very similar to employing any other member of staff, as you can go through an employment agency as well as advertise on the internet or even in newspapers.

Alternatively, CyberNexus Training can help find the right apprentice for you.  This service will most likely be the most cost-effective option for your businesses as it is offered as a complimentary service if you use us as your Apprenticeship training provider.

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Useful business skills

As well as achieving a recognised Digital Marketing qualification, employing an apprentice leads towards the development of Digital Marketing Skills within your organisation.

The successful candidate will be given the opportunity to develop important, industry-specific business skills including:

  • How to quickly build a website
  • How to create persuasive sales copy
  • How to promote a product or service through search engine optimisation (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and e-mail.
  • How to analyse the success of a digital marketing campaign through analytics, digital metrics, and other research tools.

How Long Does The Apprenticeship Process Take?

An apprenticeship usually takes between 15 and 18 months.

We feel that this is just the right amount of time for the apprentice to undergo Apprenticeship training, as it gives the employee the opportunity to delve into the subject whilst having a solid amount of workplace experience. It also means that the course content is interesting and engaging as it runs alongside the employee’s day-to-day responsibilities within the company.

What Qualification Is Awarded

Successful candidates will be awarded the following, widely-recognized qualification:

  • Level 3 Diploma in Digital Marketing (Equivalent of A-level educational level)

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