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Digital marketing training in London by digital marketing experts. learn about SEO, Pay-Per-Click, Google Analytics, Email marketing and loads more.

CyberNexus Training

Why Digital Marketing?

Many business owners throughout the UK recognise that Digital Marketing is a cost effective way to build brand recognition, increase their customer base and improve sales.  Digital Marketing is a vital component in modern business, and the most cost effective method of implementing a digital marketing campaign is to use internal resources. Having a strong Digital Marketing team can have a positive, direct impact on revenues for the company and if you are looking to develop this area of your business, you have two options: you can either upskill your existing workforce, or look to employ an apprentice.

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We will manage the entire apprenticeship training process for you. We completely understand that many employers following this route of training for the first time can find the whole process quite daunting, so that is why here at CyberNexus Training, we explain the process every step of the way in order to ensure successful completion of the apprenticeship scheme. We can offer as much or as little support that is needed and is able to do so with a vast amount of experience in this field.

Our Digital Marketing Training program is also highly flexible and can be arranged to fit around your schedule, and our specialist tutors and assessors are able to offer high-quality, engaging training with a personal approach.

The first option you have as an employer is to ‘upskill’ your existing workforce. This means developing your existing workforce and increasing their industry skillset through continuous professional development and employer-sponsored training.  Under certain conditions, you can receive government sponsorship for upskilling you existing workforce.  Contact us for more details.

The benefits here are that the employee currently has a good, solid understanding of the business, and will be able to apply their industry knowledge and past experience whilst they change their focus and concentrate on Digital Marketing. As an employer, you can choose to upskill members of your workforce who you know you can trust, and who you believe are already a valuable commodity and a key asset to your business.

We have vast experience of delivering training sessions and workshops ranging from one to five days.  These workshops are specifically focussed towards your existing personnel and are designed to further develop the skill-set of your existing workforce.

Subjects include but are not exhaustive to:

  • How to quickly build a sales website
  • How to create persuasive sales copy
  • How to promote a product or service through search engine optimisation (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and e-mail.
  • How to analyse the success of a digital marketing campaign through analytics, digital metrics, and other research tools.

Check our events diary for published course start dates.

One of the key benefits of choosing CyberNexus Training as your training provider is that we have specialists on hand to talk you through every step of the process, and if you have a team of staff in need of training rather than just an individual, we will develop a training solution specifically tailored to your company’s requirements.

Call now to find out what we can do for your existing workforce.

Should you wish to look outside of your current workforce, an exciting venture is to employ a young, ‘Generation Z‘ Apprentice and put them through a recognised Digital Marketer Apprenticeship. A key benefit here is the ability to bring a new energy into the business, perhaps a passionate worker with a keen eye for advertising and perhaps someone who has a solid understanding of social media and other digital marketing platforms from a consumer perspective.  Click on Employing An Apprentice for more information.

Whichever route you select, CyberNexus Training is here to help and our Level 3 Diploma in Digital Marketing could be just what you are looking for.

This apprenticeship is aimed at learners entering into the Digital Marketing sector as well as those already working in these areas who are looking to renew their skills and achieve a recognized qualification with formal training.

There are 6 industry recognised qualification to choose from including Google Squared, Google Analytics, CIM, CIW & MTA

In addition to the listed units your apprentice will be taught other key skills vital in any modern workplace, such as:

  • Meeting Industry Regulation & Guidelines
  • Time management
  • Document writing
  • Project Management
  • Delivering Presentations

The Digital Marketing apprenticeship is designed to achieve the best possible results from students and lasts for between 15 and 18 months.

Our support team are highly experienced in delivering this qualification and are on-hand in order to help tailor a training program to meet your exact needs and the needs of the apprentice.

Contact Us now to find out what we can do for your apprenticeship scheme.

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”
Albert Einstein
“Job training empowers people to realize their dreams and improve their lives.”
Sylvia Mathews Burwell
“Hire character. Train skill.”
Peter Schultz
“The most valuable thing you can make is a mistake – you can’t learn anything from being perfect.”
Adam Osborne

Selecting A Digital Marketer/ Marketing Apprenticeship Training Provider

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