I’m Looking for a Junior Content Producer Apprentice

Without the CyberNexus Training 6 step process, employing an apprentice could not be easier. We are expert Junior Content Producer training providers, located in London & Essex.

Junior Content Producer

Content production is the nucleus of any digital marketing campaign.  Be that a single twitter post or a full-fledged digital marketing campaign involving social media, email marketing, SEO, PPC SEM, etc. Although it is technically possible, we would advise you not to start any digital marketing campaign without content.  What is the content?  Well, here are a few examples;
  • The company, product or services descriptions on your webpage
  • An Article
  • A how-to, support or sales video
  • A Blog
  • A Vlog
  • A Digital Photo
  • A Digital Animation

Without any one of the above content, having contacted your potential customer and pitched your amazing new product or service, there would be nothing for you signpost your customers too. A Junior Content Producer Apprentice works with an experienced content producer and under close supervision. They will normally report to a digital marketing manager, a marketing manager or an IT Manager. The end game is to have at your disposal two highly skilled content producers crafting content that visitors to any one of your web platforms (website, LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, etc.) will be engaged with and re-visit regularly.

What Is A Junior Content Producer Apprenticeship?

Over a 12 to 15 months period (your choice), the apprentice will spend 20% of their working hours learning about the art of content production.  The remaining 80% of their time will be spent working within your organisation implementing what they have learned and fulfilling your content production needs. For an overview of the 6 step process click here.

Do you know the UK government has its own website for all the details about the apprenticeship process?

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