Junior Content Producer Apprenticeship London

If you need a presence across all the social media platforms. This is only possible if you regularly put content across all the platforms. This is normally done with a content producer. But as a business, your goal should be to reduce costs. Therefore, you should employ some “Junior Content Producers”.

Junior Content Producer is made up of three words, i.e. Junior, Content and Producer. These three words perfectly describe the role of a junior content producer. Such an individual is responsible for developing as well as producing content. Such content can be published across various print and electronic media networks.

Role of a Junior Content Producer

Research Phase:

As stated earlier the primary role is to produce content. This role can be narrowed down further into the following tasks:

  • Searching for new ideas across various print and electronic media networks.
  • Select some research ideas and then plan the approach to develop the idea.

A content producer will also finalize the network/networks across which the content should be published.

At the end of this stage, we have converted an idea into a campaign.

Content Development Phase

During the development phase, they will:

  • Test different ways of creating content,
  • Select an optimal method suitable to the current campaign, and
  • Enlist the resources needed for the success of the campaign.

Content Creation Phase

This is where the real game begins. The success of this stage is heavily dependent on the first two phases.

At this stage, resources are used to create content optimally. Key activities are:

  • Writing and editing a copy, and
  • Collecting and making some images and videos to support our copy.

Content Review Phase

Now that we have created our content, it’s time to review it. This review is done considering the following factors:

  • Target Audience of the campaign, and
  • Target Location

The review should be independently done by someone higher in authority.

Publishing Phase

This is the final phase where a content producer publishes:

  • Their reviewed content,
  • Across the networks planned in the initial stage.

Why a Junior Content Producer Apprentice?

Followings are the eight reasons you should hire one;

  1. You want a presence across all the print and digital media networks.
  2. You want to reduce your costs of producing content.
  3. You don’t have thousands to spend on marketing and brand awareness.
  4. You want to save your time testing already established methods rather than reinventing the wheel.
  5. You want to stand out from the crowd by producing unique content.
  6. You want to produce content that the audience is searching for.
  7. You want to increase engagement.
  8. You want to get more customers to your funnel.

Junior content producer apprenticeship

During the entire apprenticeship, the following skills are specifically learnt:

  • How to outreach potential clients.
  • How to review and interpret the needs of clients.
  • How to Properly research content.
  • How to develop content from the research.
  • How to write and edit the perfect copy, including images/videos.
  • How to stand out from the crowd by creating compelling content.

Junior content producer apprenticeship London

Junior Content producer apprenticeship London is of 12-15 months. Key syllabus areas are Content Planning, Content development, Content creation and Evaluation and Industry Awareness.

How to Hire a Junior Content Producer in London?

Hiring a junior content producer is not an easy task. You should go through the following steps:

  1. Post an ad on print and electronic media,
  2. Review the proposals/CVs received from candidates,
  3. Call the candidates for test/interview, and
  4. Select the best fit.

But here at CyberNexus, we have automated the process for you. We hunt the market to choose the best candidate for you. You choose from the available apprentices. And boom, the apprentice starts working for you!!

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