Why Choose Us?

Why Choose CyberNexus Training? Well, our Training central office is located in Paddington, North West London and our training centres in Hoxton and Havering, Essex. Our tutors and mentors are digital professionals who still ply their trade and are industry experts.

Why Choose CyberNexus Training over the others?

Our tutors and monitors are digital professionals who still ply their trade delivering Digital Marketing, Marketing Communications, Web Development, Asset Editing and Project Management. We share a passion for teaching. For this reason, we have all attained qualifications in Teaching and Assessing.

After many years of honing our skills by successfully delivering apprenticeship training and assessment under the banner of other training organisations, we decided that the time had come to create our own identity.

We offer apprenticeship training and assessment services tailored specifically to our clients’ needs. We have designed unique, engaging courses to ensure our learners achieve a high success rate. We aspire to establish CyberNexus Training as a leading Apprenticeship training provider in London.

CyberNexus Training has everything in place to deliver high-quality digital apprenticeship training and assessment. We invite you to contact us for an informal conversation. WE’re sure you will not be disappointed. Get in touch today and find out what we can do for you.

Our Vision

Our objective is to ensure that your Apprentice can contribute to your organisation’s success as quickly as possible. For this reason, a preliminary meeting is set, enabling us to understand your current and future needs and the aspirations of your Apprentice. Together we create an outline training and assessing plan that will meet these needs and aspirations whilst also meeting the skill-sets required for the Apprentice to obtain their qualification. The bi-monthly review/progress meeting is set to monitor progress against the outline plan.

Key Benefits

The key features of working with us are:

  • Preliminary planning meeting
  • An induction session for you and your Apprentice
  • Monthly Apprentice assessment visits to your offices
  • Bi-monthly progress review/progress meeting with apprentices and their managers
  • Up to 28 days’ intensive college training

Do you know the UK government has its own website for all the details about the apprenticeship process?