Hire a Social Media Apprentice in London {Guide}

A Social Media apprentice is someone who is learning social media marketing from a skilled social media marketer for a fixed period at low wages. Social media marketing is not a one-man task. It requires teamwork. You need a team leader and subordinates working under the team lead. The team lead must be a skilled individual. However, it is not necessary for subordinates to be highly skilled, this is where you can hire apprentices. Apprentices come at a low cost. Read our detailed guide about how to hire a social media marketer.

Social Media Marketing Apprentice:

As stated in the beginning, Social Media Marketing apprentice:

  • works under a team lead,
  • learns from your team lead,
  • Works for a fixed agreed period, and
  • At low wages.

  Why Should you hire a Social Media Apprentice?

You should hire a social media marketing apprentice because:

  • Comes at a low cost
  • Helps your main social media marketer to organize the tasks.
  • Can run social media campaigns for you actively.

What can a social media Apprentice do?

A social Media Marketer:

  • can help your team lead in maintaining a social media marketing plan.
  • Will review content on daily basis across your social media sites.
  • can identify influencers within the online community as per the guidelines provided to him/her.
  • is able to oversee your presence on social media sites and relevant forums.
  • can increase your social media engagements by actively communicating with all the fans/community.
  • Will take the responsibility for the output of social media content.
  • Can identify opportunities for strategic partnership online.
  • Can identify potential new clients for you on social media.
  • Help your brand get the popularity it needs (Brand awareness)
  • Can even help you post jobs on different social media sites.

But there is a drawback

“A social Media Marketing Apprentice requires your team lead to actively oversee him/her. He/ She should be directed to do what you require of him/her. But that’s why we call him an “apprentice”

Why should you Focus on Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is a key part of digital marketing. There are 2.96 Billion active users of social media as of 2019. This figure is expected to be 2.96 billion in 2020. In 2021, it is expected that more than 3.09 billion users will be active on social media sites.

Do you know? CyberNexus Training can also help you hire a Digital Marketing Apprentice!

The key question here is which social media marketing site should you target?

This is where social media apprentice will help your main social media marketer. They will research across different social media platforms. And this research will help them:

  • Find which site/sites to target.
  • Allocation of budget to different social media campaigns, and
  • Allocation of team resources to respective social media sites.

How to Hire a Social Media Marketing Apprentice?

Hiring a social media marketing apprentice is not an easy task. It can turn out to be your best investment if done rightly. This is where CyberNexus Training is helping you maximize your revenues. You just need to follow the following procedures:

  • You contact CyberNexus and fill in your details plus all your requirements.
  • We get back to you and fix an appointment.
  • You visit our Office.
  • We give you a detailed presentation highlighting all the necessary details and requirements.
  • You get your desired apprentice(s).

Where do we provide apprentices?

We provide social media apprentices in London, Essex and Hertfordshire.